Rust, more generally called Corrosion, is an electrochemical phenomena resulting when oxygen, moisture, temperature, chemicals and corrosion causing pollutants acting on metals and alloys. Paints, oil, grease, coatings and alloying are traditional protection methods but have limitations.

Vapor or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor - VCI is an organic compound, our specially formulated VCI solutions has a differentiated molecular structure and is a result of advanced technology. VCI remains active when added to Water, Oils, Grease, Paints, Resins, Varnishes, Plastics, Paper, Fuel and Process Fluids etc. to address a variety of corrosion treatment and preservation scenarios.

VCIs when activated, vaporization takes place and forms a mono molecular layer on metallic surfaces, neutralizes the ion charge there by cutting off the oxygen and stopping the electrochemical process that causes corrosion

Even when VCI is added in small concentrations is effective and acts both in the vapor phase and also by contact. A distinct advantage of vaporized molecules over any traditional methods is, it can reach even hard-to-reach areas such as micro cavities in enclosed spaces providing excellent protection to every area prone to corrosion.

  • VCI is non-toxic, non-reactive and non-hazardous to environment and people
  • VCI has a vapor releasing property that propagates to inaccessible areas/parts
  • Specially formulated VCI can impregnated into paper, plastic coatings etc
  • Prevents the contact and action of oxidizing agents on the metal surfaces
  • It neutralizes the polarization chain, and consequently the oxidation process