We provide end-to-end solutions - specialty coatings, cleaning compounds, VCI products and services. The diverse product line that we carry are manufactured at world class facilities backed by R&D.

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) – Our methodology for corrosion control and asset preservation projects during long cold layup and mothballing. AIM ensures selection of right corrosion control solutions, process approach, efficient application of cleaning and VCI packaging products and services delivery.

Product line - Most products we strive to carry are safe to the environment and people. Certain tough areas may warrant the use of specialty chemicals, such products may contain harmful substances requiring special disposal and handling, hence any warning and usage instructions on the product should be followed.

  • Rust remover - 24 to 48 hour flash protection
  • Degreaser and dirt remover - 48 hour flash protection
  • Surface preparation Neutralizer prior coatings - 3 to 5 days flash protection
  • Coatings - Epoxy, UV stable Polyurethane and Polymer Emulsion Coatings
  • High Performance Corrosion Inhibitor Coatings - Paints, PU Coatings
  • Oil based VCI additive for hydraulic, Gear and lubrication oil closed systems
  • Fresh Water VCI additive for boiler, heat exchangers and other closed systems
  • Sea Water VCI additive for open systems & pipelines
  • Electro clean aerosols
  • VCI Wax - forms an easy peel film
  • VCI Oil Spray for lubrication of chains and wire ropes
  • VCI Emitters and Vapor capsules
  • VCI Shrink wrap for packaging and storage/shipment
  • VCI Paper & plasticized paper for packaging and storage/shipment
  • VCI Plastic for packaging and storage/shipment

Turnkey Solutions – Axicorr’s global field services simplify the maintenance and preservation of assets leveraging the Asset Integrity Management (AIM) customized plan. Our corrosion treatment and asset preservation projects are run by project managers with an expert engineer's oversight from our back office. Our turnkey solutions include the following -

  • Conduct an audit to identify all assets, current condition and preservation requirements
  • Recommend asset specific corrosion control plan to mitigate internal/external corrosion
  • Project team implements approved plan - application of all corrosion control systems
  • Monitoring and maintenance of corrosion control systems during the layup period
  • Assistance with the transition from the layup phase to recommissioning