Fighting the corrosion phenomena in the Oil & Gas Industry is often a complex subject due to multiple forces acting to cause corrosion problems. Corrosion in the oil and gas industry occurs due to varying harsh environmental conditions and presence of halogens, sulfide, and hydrogen in the downstream, midstream and upstream process systems.

Effective and reliable corrosion inhibiting products and solution delivery mechanisms that comply with people safety and environmental policies that further reduced the burden of unplanned maintenance is the need of the hour. Our VCI solution suite is the result of advanced technological formulations with low toxicity, and are environmentally safe, cost effective and easy to apply.

Upstream Oil/Gas exploration and production Process – Corrosion treatment and VCI preservation solutions for onshore and offshore assets - Capital spares, floating vessels, operational and idled assets.

Midstream Oil/Gas Transportation and Storage Process – Corrosion treatment and VCI preservation solutions for pipelines, storage vessels, transportation vehicles, and capital equipment.

Downstream Oil/Gas Refining and Transportation Process – Corrosion treatment and VCI solutions for equipment and pipelines in oil refining, gas processing facilities.

Protection to Oil/Gas Assets:
  • Aboveground storage tanks
  • Pipeline casing
  • Offshore Rigs / Platforms / FPSOs
  • Equipment Preservation
  • Spare Parts Protection
  • Retail Gas Stations

Salt Water and Brines systems - Our water soluble specially formulated compound for sea water and brine applications is designed to provide corrosion protection even when used in lower dosages.

During the Operation - Maintenance of platform deck, holds, Pipelines, lubricating and hydraulic oil sumps besides chains and wire ropes, heat exchangers, sea/fresh water pipelines and tanks systems.

Cold layup & Mothballing – Degreasing, de-rusting and preservation of various equipment on the platforms, rigs, pipelines, hoses, cables, wires, tanks, oil sumps, engine enclosures, electric and electronic enclosures and contacts, heat exchangers and living areas from mold and mild dew.

Axicorr’s Turnkey Solutions – Our global field services and consulting simplify the maintenance and preservation needs to maximize the operational uptime and life of assets by leveraging our unique Asset Integrity Management (AIM) methodology and the solutions suite.

Whether maintaining ready-to-use key spares or mothballing an asset, we provide

turnkey services that includes:

  • Audit to identify current condition of assets and preservation requirements
  • Asset specific corrosion control plan to mitigate internal/external corrosion
  • Implement the approved plan - application of all corrosion control systems
  • Monitoring and maintenance of corrosion control during the layup period
  • Assistance with the transition from the layup to recommissioning

For additional information, please contact Axicorr’s technical support or sales.