To achieve highest standards in corrosion protection, every manufactured equipment, machinery and spare part should be protected to retain its finish and performance. Manufactured parts are evaluated for corrosion based on the length of its storage while in inventory and during transportation/shipping, before the packaging path is determined. Traditional surface protection methods is not only inefficient but also warrants extensive preparation of cleaning and if necessary, existing corrosion is removed prior it is put to use.

Our diverse range of VCI impregnated packaging, coatings, bags, PE films emitters are environmentally safe and offers a significant advantage to further the corrosion protection process thus reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. Simply wrap, shroud, or pack your manufactured products or equipment; protection is continuous while in storage and transit regardless of temperature or humidity swings.

Our VCI films, papers, foams, and other packaging devices are made exclusively from innovative compounds using proprietary techniques to ensure 100% quality of the physical, mechanical, and corro-sion inhibiting properties. Our solutions ensure valued assets remain clean, dry, corrosion free while in storage and during transit/shipping and are ready for use.


  • Effective corrosion protection and packaging combined in one single step
  • Provides safe and effective VCI protection during storage and shipping
  • Metals are ready for use and assembly directly out of the packaging
  • Eliminates traditional ways thus savings in time and costs
  • Improve shipment yield rates

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