A ship, regardless of size and cargo she is designed to carry is a complex metal structure and operates in extreme hostile corrosion conditions. A proactive corrosion control plan is critical to upkeep the asset value, maximize its productive life and safe guard people from corrosion induced safety hazards.

Salt Water and Brines systems - Closed circuit heat exchange systems, pipelines, ballast tanks and process applications where salt water and brine is used poses a major challenge from highly corrosive chlorides and dissolved halogens. Our specially formulated water soluble product for sea water and brine applications is effective even when used in lower dosages.

During Vessel Operation - Most challenging areas to protect from corrosion during the operations is maintenance of main deck, cargo holds, ballast tanks, lubricating and hydraulic oils besides load bearing chains and wire ropes, heat exchangers, sea/fresh water pipelines and tanks systems.

During Mothballing & Cold Layup – Degreasing, de-rusting and preservation of various equipment on the main deck, pipelines, hoses, cables, wires, tanks, oil sumps, engine enclosures, electric and electronic enclosures and contacts, heat exchangers and living areas from mold and mild dew.


Solution Suite - Our corrosion inhibitor formulations and preservation methods can be applied right from the ship design to building stages, and while in operation or during the temporary layups.

  • ⇒ Degreaser & Rust Cleaner – Cargo holds, deck, pipelines, tanks and other rusted areas
  • ⇒ Neutralizers – Preparation of surfaces after de-rusting to receive protective coatings
  • ⇒ Vapor Capsules – Protection for sealed or enclosed spaces and equipment boxes
  • ⇒ Oil Additive – lubricating oil gear, tanks and other mechanical assemblies
  • ⇒ Water Additive – Tanks and flushing of various pipeline systems
  • ⇒ Packaging – VCI Paper, Plasticized Paper, PE Film, Stretch Film and Shrink Film
  • ⇒ Grease/Oil - Solutions for load bearing chains and wire ropes
  • ⇒ Wax – Easy peel coating for irregular geometrical shaped equipment
  • ⇒ Emitters – Electrical and electronic equipment, devices and structures.
  • ⇒ Specialty Coatings – Paints, Epoxy, UV stable polyurethane and emulsion coatings.

Axicorr’s Turnkey Solutions – Our global field services and consulting simplify the
maintenance and preservation needs to maximize the operational uptime and life
of assets by leveraging our unique Asset Integrity Management (AIM) methodology
and the solutions suite.

Whether maintaining ready-to-use key spares or mothballing an asset, we provide
turnkey services that includes:

  • Audit to identify current condition of assets and preservation requirements
  • Asset specific corrosion control plan to mitigate internal/external corrosion
  • Implement the approved plan - application of all corrosion control systems
  • Monitoring and maintenance of corrosion control during the layup period
  • Assistance with the transition from the layup to recommissioning
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